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Don Juan Days, Café-Restaurant Lusthaus (Wien, 2010)
Don Juan Days, Café-Restaurant Lusthaus (Wien, 2010)
Don Juan Days, Restaurant Fromme Helene (Wien, 2010)


“Viva la libertà”
The Dissoluto punito’s Genesis and First Stagings (1787-1788)

Topics to be discussed may include but need not to be limited to the following:

Contract from or Commission for Prague ?
From Words to Music : Dramaturgic Approach(es) of Poet and Composer
Censorship : Influence on Libretto and Score
The 1787 Prague Premiere Staging
The 1788 Vienna Versions : New Musical Sources
The Leipzig Sources : New Repertory Evidence
The Casanova Question

We are especially pleased to welcome
Felicity Baker (London), Johanna Borek (Vienna), Reinhard Eisendle (Vienna), Edmund Goehring (London, CDN), Magnus Tessing Schneider (Copenhagen), Nicole Streitler (Vienna), Philipp Ther (Vienna), Tomislav Volek (Prague), H. E. Weidinger (Vienna/Florence) and Ian Woodfield (Belfast).

Friday November 5th – Saturday November 6th, 2010

Café-Restaurant Lusthaus
Freudenau 254, A-1020 Wien
5th November 2010, 10.00-18.00

Restaurant Fromme Helene
Josefstädter Strasse 15, A-1080 Wien
6th November 2010, 10.30-18.00


5th November 2010

10.00-10.45 Don Juan on the European Stage before 1787

Hans Ernst Weidinger

The Don Juan Tradition: An Overview


11.00-12.15 Approach in Vienna: Catholic Feast and Imperial Poet

Edmund Goehring

The All Souls' Day Play in Vienna: Don Juan in Purgatory

Magnus Tessing Schneider

Don Giovanni as a Critical Re-Writing of Il convitato di pietra


12.30-14.00 Studying and Interpreting Don Giovanni

Tomislav Volek

Problems with some unobserved and misinterpreted facts

Magnus Tessing Schneider

Don Giovanni in the Long Dark Shade of the 19th Century


[Lunch break]


15.00-16.45 Contact from or Commission for Prague?

Philipp Ther

The Premiere in politcal context

Hans Ernst Weidinger

"PER L'ARRIVO DI S[ua]. A[ltezza]. SER[enissima].": Failed First Night

Reinhard Eisendle

Censorship. Influence on Libretto and Score


17.00-18.30 The 1787 Prague Premiere Premises

Hans Ernst Weidinger

The Perfect Drama, or: From Words to Music. Dramaturgic Approach(es) of Poet and Composer

Magnus Tessing Schneider

The Original Production of Don Giovanni. Interdisciplinary Approaches and the Use of Anecdotal Sources


6th November 2010

10.30-12.00 The 1788 Versions: Vienna and Leipzig

Ian Woodfield

The 1788 Vienna Versions. A Work in Progress

Ian Woodfield

The Leipzig Sources. New Repertory Evidence for the Prague Opera Company


12.15-13.45 "Poeta di drammi", or: Can There Be Any Meaning In A Libretto?

Felicity Baker

The Enlightenment Critique Implicit in the Libretto's Representation of Love

Magnus Tessing Schneider

The Genre Question Revisited: On Pity, Terror and Laughter


14.45-16.00 Secondary Sources: Memories, Critics, Anecdotes

Ian Woodfield, Magnus Tessing Schneider, Hans Ernst Weidinger

The Casanova Question

Edmund Goehring

Unknown Don Juan Reviews from the Turn of the 18th to 19th Century


16.15-17.15 Interpretations / Additions / Quotations / Allusions

Johanna Borek

One Who Does Not Figure on the Catalogue. Some Remarks on Joseph Losey's Don Giovanni Screen Adaption (1979)

Nicole Streitler

Da Ponte Revisited. Ödön von Horváth's Don Juan kommt aus dem Krieg (1936)


17.30-18.30 Afterglow and Dawn: Rising Aspects of Research

Edmund Goehring

On Scope and Usefulness of a Translation Project

Hans Ernst Weidinger

Continuative Considerations


The official language of the workshops is English.

Registration before the first section’s beginning.


For updated program, submission of proposals and further information please contact:

Don Juan Archiv Wien, Goethegasse 1, A-1010 Vienna / phone +43-1-2365605 / fax +43-1-2365605-25, e-mail: donjuandays(at)donjuanarchiv(dot)at



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