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Stephanie d. J. - Die Sklavinn und der gro�m�thige Seefahrer
Stephanie d. J.: Die Sklavinn und der großmüthige Seefahrer. Ein komisches Singspiel, nach dem Italienischen frey bearbeitet. Auf die Musik von Herrn Piccini. Wien: beym Logenmeister, 1781 (Don Juan Archiv Wien, Komplex Mauerbach MB 2336)
Istanbul Program
Istanbul Program
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The Time of Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)
From Sultan Mahmud I to Mahmud II (r.1730-1839)

Organized by
Don Juan Archiv Wien

Forschungsverein für Theater- und Kulturgeschichte


In cooperation with
The UNESCO International Theatre Institute in Vienna
The Austrian Cultural Forum in Istanbul


Vienna / Istanbul



Dates: April 24-25, 2009 
Palais Khevenhüller, Türkenstrasse 19, A-1090 Wien 

Dates: June 4-5,  2009
Venue: Austrian Cultural Forum
Palais Yeniköy, Köybaşı Cad 44, Yeniköy, TR-34464 Istanbul 


Conference Convenors: Michael Hüttler, Suna Suner, H. E. Weidinger




10.00 Vienna Symposium Opening


Michael Hüttler (Don Juan Archiv Wien)

Selim Yenel (Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey)

Emil Brix (Ambassador, Austrian Foreign Ministry, Cultural Section)

Helga Dostal (ITI-UNESCO Centrum Austria)


10.30 Session I 

Chair: Ulf Birbaumer (Vienna)

1. Bertrand Michael Buchmann (Vienna)

Austria and the Ottoman Empire, 1765-1815

2. Annemarie Bönsch (Vienna)

From Aristocratic to Bourgeois Fashion In the Second Half of the Eighteenth Century

12.00 Coffee break 


12.15 Session II 
Chair: Helga Dostal (Vienna)

1. Tülay Artan (Istanbul)

Eighteenth-Century Bosphorus as a Theatre of Life

2. Adam Mestyan (Budapest)

Muhammad Ali (Mehmet Ali Paşa), Vice King of Egypt (1805-1848) and European Music 

13.45 Lunch break 


15.00 Session III 
Chair: Michele Calella (Vienna)

1. Daniel Winkler (Vienna)

Zaire: Colonialism, Love and Enlightenment: Voltaire's 'Popular' Theater of the 1730s and 1740s

2. Isabelle Moindrot (Tours)

Tamerlan (1802): A French Opera after Voltaire by Peter von Winter



10.00 Session IV 
Chair: Gabriele C. Pfeiffer (Vienna)

1. Necla Çıkıgil (Ankara)

Haydn's Humour Reflected in Lo Speziale (1768) and in L'incontro improvviso (1775)

2. Matthew Head (London)

Interpreting Haydn: Critical Frameworks for Enlightenment, Exoticism and L'incontro improvviso (1775)

3. Käthe Springer (Vienna)

Did Mozart drive a 'Haydn'? Cartwrights, Carriages and the Postal-System in the Austrian-Hungarian Border Area

12.15 Lunch break


14.00 Session V 
Chair: Stefan Hulfeld (Vienna)

1. Geoffrey Roper (London)

Music, Drama and Orientalism in Print: Joseph von Kurzböck, his Predecessors and Contemporaries

2. Reinhard Buchberger (Vienna)

The Austro-Turkish War of 1788-1791 as Reflected in the Library of the Viennese Bibliophile Collector Max von Portheim

15.30 Coffee break


15.45 Session VI 
Chair: Cetin Sarikartal (Istanbul)

1. Emre Aracı (London)

"Each villa on the Bosphorus looks a screen, New painted, or a pretty opera scene": Mahmud II (1808) Setting the Ottoman Stage for Italian Opera and Viennese Music

2. Caroline Herfert (Vienna)

Selim III and Mahmud II in the Limelight. Imparting Knowledge on the Ottoman Empire from the Perspective of the 'Viennese Turk', Murad Efendi

19.30 Closing Program: Recital (by invitation only)

Sultans At The Opera

Emre Aracı (concept and presentation)
Anna Pangalou (Mezzo-Soprano)
Dieter Paier (Piano)




10.00 Istanbul Symposium Opening


Michael Hüttler (Don Juan Archiv Wien)

Ilber Ortayli (President of Topkapi Palace Museum)

Cemal Öztas (Deputy Secretary General, Grand National Assembly of Turkey)

Christian Brunmayr (Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum)


11.00 Session I  
Chair: Michael Hüttler (Vienna)

1. Mehmet Alaaddin Yalçınkaya (Trabzon)

Recruitment of European Experts for Service in the Ottoman Empire (1732-1808)

2. B. Babür Turna (Ankara)

Diplomacy and the Changing Dynamics of Entertainment in the Late Eigtheenth-Century Ottoman Empire

12.30 Lunch break


14.00 Session II 
Chair: Walter Puchner  (Athens)

1. Suna Suner (Istanbul / Vienna)

Opera and Diplomacy, Second Act: Ambassadors and Ministers in the Italian Opera

2. Netice Yıldız (Famagusta)

'Briton-Ottomans' and Ottomans in England during Haydn's Era

15.30 Coffee break


16.00 Session III 
Chair: Larry Wolff  (New York)

1. Hans-Peter Kellner (Copenhagen)

'The Sultan of Denmark': Voltaire's Zaire and King Christian VII (r.1766-1808) - Madness and Enlightenment

2. Bent Holm (Copenhagen)

Unexpected Encounters: Ch. W. Gluck's Rencontre imprévue - A Sujet also Used by Haydn - Performed in Copenhagen, 1776


19.30 Evening Program: Concert at the Austrian Cultural Forum
Haydn Meets Sultans: A Musical Voyage

Aydın Karlibel (Piano)

Alin Aylin Yağcıoğlu (Soprano)



10.00 Session IV 
Chair: Günsel Renda (Istanbul)

1. Matthias J. Pernerstorfer (Vienna)

'Turks' and 'the Turkish' in the Viennese Repertoire at the Time of Joseph Haydn

2. Çetin Sarıkartal (Istanbul)

Plays Written by Europeans in the Turkish Language at the Academy of Oriental Languages in Vienna during the Age of Haydn - Thomas Chabert: Hikayet-i İbda-i Yeniçeriyan Ba Bereket-i Pir-i Bektaşiyan Şeyh Hacı Bektaş Veli-i Musliman (1810) and [Author Unknown]: Godefroi de Bouillon (1757) 

11:30 Coffee break


11.45 Session V 
Chair: Suraiya Faroqhi (Munich / Istanbul)

1. Larry Wolff (New York)

Turkish Travesty in European Opera: From Haydn's Lo Speziale (1768) to Rossini's La Pietra del Paragone (1812), L'Italiana in Algeri (1813) and Il Turco in Italia (1814)

2. Walter Puchner (Athens)

Karagöz and the History of Ottoman Shadow Theater in the Balkans: Diffusion, Functions amd Assimilations

13:15 Lunch break


15.00 Session VI 
Chair: H. E. Weidinger (Vienna / Florence)

1. Orlin Sabev (Sofia)

European Printers in Istanbul during Haydn's Era: Ibrahim Müteferrika and ohters

2. Günsel Renda (Istanbul)

Westernisms and Ottoman Visual Culture in the Second Half of the Eighteenth Century: Wall Paintings

19.30 Closing Program: Recital at the Austrian Cultural Forum
Homage to Leyla Gencer, 'La Diva Turca'

Anna Pangalou (Mezzo-Soprano)
Nikolas Tsalikis (Piano)


Symposium Full Program incl. Abstracts


Registration requested for all guests who wish to participate.

Don Juan Archiv Wien reserves the right to make changes in the symposia program, as necessary.






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