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Murad Efendi - Selim der Dritte. Trauerspiel in f
Murad Efendi: Selim der Dritte. Trauerspiel in fünf Acten.Wien: Rosner, 1872 (Don Juan Archiv Wien, Komplex Mauerbach MB 1766)
[Franz] Kratter: Der Friede am Pruth, ein Schauspiel in fünf Aufzügen. Frankfurt: Eßlinger, 1799 (Don Juan Archiv Wien, Komplex Mauerbach MB 1422)
C. F. Bretzner: Belmont und Constanze, oder: Die Entführung aus dem Serail. Leipzig: Schneider, 1781 (Don Juan Archiv Wien, Komplex Mauerbach MB 0215)
Charles Simon Favart: Solimann der Zweyte oder Die drey Sultaninnen (Deutsche Fassung). Münster, 1777 (Don Juan Archiv Wien, Komplex Mauerbach MB 1000)


W.A.Mozart & Sultan Selim III.

International Symposium in Two Acts

Organized by

Don Juan Archiv Wien

In Cooperation with

The UNESCO International Theatre Institute in Vienna


The Austrian Cultural Forum in Istanbul


Under the Patronage of:

Grand National Assembly of Turkey - Deputy Secretary General

Austrian Foreign Ministry / Cultural Section

Embassy of the Turkish Republic in Vienna

Embassy of the Austrian Republic in Ankara


Vienna / Istanbul




Dates: 25th - 26th April 2008


Palais Khevenhüller, Türkenstrasse 19, A-1090 Wien


Dates: 5th - 6th June 2008

Venue: Austrian Cultural Forum

Palais Yeniköy, Köybaşı Cad. 44, Yeniköy, TR-34464 Istanbul


Conference Convenors: Michael Hüttler, Suna Suner, H. E. Weidinger




09.30 Vienna Symposium Opening Ceremony


Helga Dostal (ITI-UNESCO Centrum Austria)

Selim Yenel (Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey)

Emil Brix (Ambassador, Austrian Foreign Ministry, Cultural Section)

Wolfgang Greisenegger (University of Vienna)

Michael Hüttler (Don Juan Archiv Wien)


11.00 Session I " Opera & Diplomacy "

Chair: Gabriele C. Pfeiffer (Vienna)

1. Suna Suner (Vienna/Istanbul)

The Earliest Opera Performances in the Ottoman World and Ambassadors' Role

2. Günsel Renda (Istanbul)

Ambassadors at the Ottoman Court: The Imperial Protocol in Late 18th Century 

3. Frank Huss (Vienna)

"AUF TÜRKISCHE ART PRÄCHTIG AUFGEPUTZT"- The Extraordinary Ottoman Envoy Chaddi Mustafa Efendi's Visit to Vienna in 1748


14.30 Session II " Cross Europe I - Besieging Vienna / Conquering London "

Chair: Helga Dostal (Vienna)

1. Memo G. Schachiner (Vienna)

Janissary Music - Turkish Music - Great Confusion everywhere!

2. Thomas Betzwieser (Bayreuth)

Ottoman Representation and Musical 'alla turca': Visiting an Unknown Viennese Theatre Source

3. Emre Araci (London)

Investigating Ottoman Musical Representations in Britain from the Late 18th to the Mid-19th Century

19:30 Evening Program: Concert and Reception at the Turkish Embassy

Nadja Kayali (Concept and Presentation)

Christopher Hinterhuber (Piano)

Jennifer Davison (Soprano)

Brigitte Pekarek (Reading)




09.00 Session III " Italian Reflections "

Chair: Michael Hüttler (Vienna)

1. Derek Weber (Vienna)

From Zaide to Die Entführung aus dem Serail: Mozart on his Oriental Way to German Opera

2. Marianne Traven (Uppsala)

Getting Emotional - Mozart's 'Turkish' Operas and the Emotive Aspect of Slavery

3. Erich Duda (Vienna)

Franz Xaver Süßmayr's Sinfonia Turchesca (Vienna 1784/87), Il Turco in Italia (Prague 1794), and Soliman II (Vienna 1799)


11.00 Session IV " Center At The Edge - The Habsburg Monarchy "

Chair: Ulf Birbaumer (Vienna)

1. Matthias J. Pernerstorfer (Vienna)

The Second Turkish Siege of Vienna (1683) Reflected in Its First Centenary: 'Anniversary Plays' in the Pálffy Theatre-Library, Vienna

2. Gabriele C. Pfeiffer (Vienna)

Freemason, Mozart's Contemporary, Theatre-Director on the Edge: Franz Kratter and Der Friede am Pruth ("The Treaty of Prut", 1799). Cataloguing "Komplex Mauerbach", Vienna


14.30 Session V " Cross Europe II - From Denmark To The Sublime Porte "

Chair: Stefan Hulfeld (Vienna)

1. Bent Holm (Copenhagen)

The 'Turk' on Stage in Danish 18th Century Theatre

2. Annemarie Bönsch (Vienna)

'Turkish' and 'Exotic' References in the Fashion of the 18th Century's Second Half 

3. Käthe Springer (Vienna)

Mozart goes Constantinople ! A Fictitious Journey's Real Conditions 


16.30 Session VI Roundtable Discussion  




09.30 Istanbul Symposium Opening Ceremony


Christian Brunmayr (Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum)

Heidemaria Gürer (Ambassador of the Republic of Austria) 

Cemal Öztas (Deputy Secretary General, Grand National Assembly Of Turkey)

Ilber Ortaylı (President of Topkapi Palace Museum)

Metin And (Member of Turkish Academy of Sciences)

Michael Hüttler (Don Juan Archiv Wien)


11.00 Session I " Cultural Interferences "

Chair: Aysin Candan (Istanbul)

1. Walter Puchner (Athens)

Earliest Performances of European Drama in seventeenth-century Istanbul

2. William F. Parmentier (Istanbul)

The mehter: Cultural Perceptions and Interpretations of Turkish Drum and Bugle Music through History.

3. Babür Turna (Ankara)

The Watcher and The Watched: 18th Century Ottoman diplomatic visitors in Europe as spectators and 'performers'


14.30 Session II " Sultan III Selim "

Chair: Suraiya Faroqhi (Munich / Istanbul)

1. Günsel Renda (Istanbul) 

Sultan Selim III- as Patron of Arts

2. Aysin Candan (Istanbul)

Sultan Selim III and His Play World

3. Mustafa Fatih Salgar (Istanbul)

Sultan Selim III as a Man of Letters and Art




09.00 Session III " From Milan To Vienna "

Chair: Gertrude Durusoy (Izmir)

1. Alexandre Lháa (Milan)

Performing 'Turkish Sultans' on Milan's La Scala Stage: from Il serraglio d'Osmano (1785) to Gerusalemme (1850)

2. Michael Hüttler (Vienna)

Representation of 'Turks' on the Late Eighteenth-Century Viennese Stage -  'Oriental´ Fantasies or Political Reality'


11.00 Session IV " Mozart & Turkishness "

Chair: Michael Hüttler (Vienna)

1. Matthew Head (London)

'In the Orient of Vienna': Mozart's Turkish Music (1771-1791) and the Theatrical Self

2. Nadja Kayali (Vienna)

Mozart's 'Orient' on Stage


14.30 Session V " Hero In Sultan's Harem "

Chair: Gertrude Durusoy (Izmir)

1. Ulrike Schneider (Weimar)

Christoph Martin Wieland's Oberon

2. Hans-Peter Kellner (Copenhagen)

From the Prince of Denmark in The Sultan's Harem to Don Juan in The Royal Danish Chambers - The forgotten Composer Friedrich Ludwig Aemilius Kunzen (1761-1817)

3. Hans Ernst Weidinger (Vienna/Florence)

"In Turchia novantuna" - Don Juan Crossing The Ottoman World


17.30 Session VI Roundtable Discussion

19.30 Closing Program: Concert at the Austrian Cultural Forum

Melodias Epicas

Şebnem Ünal (soprano)

Renan Koen (piano)
Nermin Kaygusuz (kemençe)
Gözde Çolak (percussion)


Symposium Full Program incl. Abstracts


Registration requested for all guests who wish to participate.

Don Juan Archiv Wien reserves the right to make changes in the Symposia Program, as necessary.





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