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Don Juan Days 2010

Don Juan Days


Don Juan Archiv Wien is organizing a series of workshops dedicated to exploring the theme of Don Juan, starting with the best known Don Juan work, the opera by Lorenzo Da Ponte and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. As the Don Juan play in eighteenth-century Vienna was habitually presented during All Souls Octave, this same week will mark the period of these twenty-first century’s workshops.
The “Don Juan Days” will assemble scholars currently working on the Don Juan theme to present their discoveries and/or new interpretations – specifically those not yet widely known. Workshop presentations may be kept informal, as the goal is enhancing the development of research projects in progress through dialogue and the exchange of ideas and knowledge.

It is our special pleasure to invite you to the inaugural meeting in this new Don Juan Archiv Wien series:




200 Years of Don Giovanni in Brazil

The “Opera of all Operas’” Debut beyond Europe

on 20 September 1821 in Rio de Janeiro and its Cultural-Political Context

2022 September 29 - October 1, Vienna



Power and Seduction

The Tre Drammi by Da Ponte printed in New York 1826: Figaro, Don Giovanni and Axur

New York, 6th October 2014



II. Don Juan zwischen Verbot und Befehl

Rechtliche Rahmenbedingungen

der erbländischen Theaterproduktion im 18. Jahrhundert

Vienna, 18th-19th May 2012


I. “Viva la libertà”
The Dissoluto punito’s Genesis and First Stagings (1787-1788)
Vienna, 5th-6th November 2010









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