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Lorenzo Da Ponte. Lithografie von M. Pekenino. Aus: Gugitz, Gustav (Hg.). Denkwürdigkeiten des Venezianers Lorenzo Da Ponte. 3. Bd. Dresden: Paul Aretz, 1924.

Don Juan Days









at the

Austrian Cultural Forum New York



October 6, 2014





Da Ponte`s Tre Drammi printed in New York 1826:

Figaro, Don Giovanni and Axur





09:00–09:20 Opening

Christine Moser, Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum New York

H. E. Weidinger, President of Don Juan Archive Vienna, STVDIVM FÆSVLANVM and Hollitzer Verlag

Barbara Faedda, Vice-Director of the Italian Academy for Advanced Studies, Columbia University

Stefan David Hummel, Assistant of the Chancellor of the Mozarteum University Salzburg - Head of Organization Mozart Competition


09:20–10:30 Session I "Da Ponte`s Beaumarchais-libretti"

Chair: Reinhard Eisendle

Ian Woodfield, Queens University, Belfast

The revival of Le nozze di Figaro: Da Ponte`s influence on Mozart`s career

John Rice, Rochester, Minnesota

Da Ponte, Salieri, and Axur re d’Ormus


10:50–12:30 Session II "Don Giovanni I"

Chair: John Rice

H. E. Weidinger, Don Juan Archive Vienna

Was Da Ponte right, when in Tre Drammi he declared his Don Giovanni composed "da lui per le Nozze del Principe Antonio di | Sassonia––Colla Principessa M. Teresa Figlia | dell`Impr. Leopoldo"? And if so, what new light would it shed on the genesis of Da Ponte`s and Mozart`s opera?

Reinhard Eisendle, Don Juan Archive Vienna

From Il dissoluto punito. O sia il D. Giovanni to Il Don Giovanni. A comparison of the poet`s versions created for Prague (1787), Vienna (1788) and New York (1826)

Matthew Head, Kings College, London

August Apel`s On the musical treatment of ghosts (1800) – A theory of supernatural horror for Mozart and Da Ponte?


13:30–15:10 Session III "Don Giovanni II"

Chair: H. E. Weidinger

Martin Nedbal, University of Arkansas

Between farce and melodrama: Da Ponte and Mozart`s Don Giovanni in early nineteenth-century Vienna and New York

Wolfgang Brunner, Mozarteum University Salzburg

Salon as opera: variations and paraphrases on themes of Mozart`s Don Giovanni

Ted Emery, The Ohio State University

Doppelgänger: Da Ponte`s Casanova


15:30–16:40 Session IV "Da Ponte in America"

Chair: Martin Nedbal

Barbara Faedda, Columbia University

Foreigners, immigrants, and travelers in America in Da Ponte`s time

Edmund White, Columbia University

Lorenzo Da Ponte: the baffled courtier




A Concert at the Austrian Cultural Forum


in occasion of the "Da Ponte Day" in New York


Teresa Tièschky (soprano) Mozarteum University Salzburg

Matthias Winckhler (baritone) Mozarteum University Salzburg

Wolfgang Brunner (piano) Mozarteum University Salzburg


Arias and Duets by Mozart

from Figaro, Don Giovanni and Così fan tutte


Piano Variations and Paraphrases

on themes of Figaro and Don Giovanni. By Johann Baptist Cramer,

Franz Xaver Mozart, Camille Pleyel and Joseph Woelfl





Austrian Cultural Forum, 11 East 52nd Street, New York, N.Y. 10022



Reinhard Eisendle and H. E. Weidinger



Reinhard Eisendle and Michael Roth, Wolfgang Brunner and Stefan David Hummel



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The participation at the "Da Ponte Day" is free.

The registration at the website of the Austrian Cultural Forum New York ( starts on September 16, 2014.


Im November-Newsletter der Universität Mozarteum Salzburg findet sich ein Bericht zum Da Ponte Day.



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